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How to Completely Sabotage Your Building Automation

May 18, 2018 1:50:00 PM

Avoid Sabotaging your Building Automation and Controls Systems 3 WaysCES utilizes products on the cutting edge of today's technology but we also have the experience to maintain and upgrade yesterday's systems.  We design the project based on our client's needs and for the most effective and efficient end result.  For optimal savings and system performance, avoid the following practices that will surely sabotage you building automation system.

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  1. Lack of maintenance.
  2. Failure to replace failed components.
  3. Failure to allow only trained professionals to service the BAS.

Lack of Maintenance:

Over time, building performance drifts out of tolerance from the original design intent. When occupancy changes, equipment wears, and temporary setpoint adjustments aren't restored, a building will perform very differently than it did at move-in. For these reasons, even a fairly new building that was commissioned and aligned with design intent before occupancy may not be meeting its owner's operational expectations.

Like anything else, BAS systems require cleaning & calibration. Normal dust, which is an insulator, as well as aging wiring systems, will cause temperature sensors to report false readings. Regular maintenance will keep your system operating at peak performance.

Failure to replace failed components:

Failure to replace failed components by bypassing, jumping out, or otherwise circumventing your control system sacrifices building comfort and energy efficiency. "One contributing factor is that system components often fail or deteriorate over time. With today's sophisticated BASs, this deterioration is often hidden or unnoticed because the controls have "learned" or "adapted" to the changing conditions of the building and/or HVAC equipment. This can increase operating costs by as much as 50 cents per square foot per year" (Optimizing Building Systems with Commissioning)

Failure to allow only trained professionals to service the BAS.

Just as you would not allow your foot doctor to perform brain surgery, allowing untrained persons to service your system is a recipe for disaster. Hire a professional!

CES offers factory training for commercial systems service, maintenance and operation.  Training is designed to increase technician competence and confidence when servicing newer systems and controls. Our team has decades of expertise and in-depth knowledge in complete Building Control Systems, HVAC, Pneumatic Systems, Electrical Systems, and DDC Control Systems.

Our expertise covers all industries from retail to industrial, small jobs to large projects. Whatever the scope of your project (new construction, upgrade outdated systems, retrofits), CES has the know-how and an outstanding track record of success.

We believe that the responsibilities of the controls control do not end with our section of the specification.
We provide coordination between equipment providers (with third-party controls), other systems contractors (Fire Alarm, Security, and Lighting), consultants (submittal review, value engineering), and the end user (training and final building performance review).

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