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Enhancing Maintenance with 3D Graphics and BIM

Mar 3, 2016 1:52:00 PM

3D-BIM-Image-CESEnhancing maintenance management using 3D Graphics and Building Information Management in Facilities Management (FM) 

We are in an era where graphics can play a pivotal role in creating the strong visual presence needed to help improve the efficiency of maintenance and management work of facilities.  

End users expect their building automation systems to be as simple to understand as their smart phones, tablets and other entertainment systems.  This has prompted the introduction of 3D graphics and animations to building management systems.   

Facilities management (FM) usually is difficult and complicated work.  The facility staff usually use paper or information systems to record the facilities maintenance work.  However, it is not easy for facility staff to refer to the traditional 2D CAD-based information illustration in the facility maintenance.  

Many companies are now realizing the benefits of 3D graphics, allowing easier navigation of building automation systems for end users.  3D floor plans are designed to give the end user a view of the area controlled by their Building Automation System.  With the integration of BIM model with related information of facilities maintenance the facility staffs may improve the efficiency of maintenance and management work of facilities.  

The benefits to using 3D Graphics and Building Information Management include: 

  1. 3D Graphics and BIM are not only helpful and can bring lots of convenience in works of Facilities Management, but also can raise up the effectiveness of the works of FM. 
  2. The BIM imported mode not only provides the information of facilities transparently, but also enhances the confidence of the user in the facilities, because the users can understand the state of facilities through the web-based 3D BIM model.
  3. With the assist of external programs, the BIM model of facility can link the related files of facility to help the users more comprehensive understanding of the facility information and effectively enhance the integrity of the application of BIM in FM.

3D visualization model assists the user to easily and quickly find the location of facility and increases work efficiency, and storing maintenance information using BIM model to improve the inconvenience of traditional mode such as carrying and looking up a lot of paper documents.  Moreover, the information of same facilities maintenance needs to repeat the record and cause inconvenience for facility staffs.  To overcome these problems, the building information modeling (BIM) approach is applied and developed as 3D information models for managing and maintaining facilities.  

The 3D CAD-based models illustrate facility events, problem descriptions, and solutions in 3D representations.  BIM is a highly promising means of enhancing FM and identifying facility information relevant to both basic information and maintenance and is an effective and user-friendly platform for FM.  The end user can take advantage of several ways to lower labor cost, energy cost, and downtime.

  1. Quicker response times on temperature issues lowering
  2. Locate air conditioning units quicker for faster service
  3. Understand what unit controls a zone 
  4. Have a quick look at what units are offline
  5. Quick view of out of control zones 

In many instances, large facilities have multiple systems with different looking graphics in place. A solution we have provided is a complete overhaul standardizing the graphics throughout the facility, regardless of the system they are using.

CES can provide professional, high-end floor plan graphics for use with most building automation systems.  We can take your existing AutoCAD files, PDFs, sketches, or anything with an image and provide professional floor plan graphics. 

Our design team can provide photorealistic floor plan graphics, 3D floor plan graphics and 2D floor plan graphics.  Floor plan graphics can be as basic, or complex, as you are wanting.  We can also include the building details that you specify, such as zoning, windows, built-ins, railings, etc.  

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