5 Steps to Energy Star Certification by CES

Whether you own or manage one facility or an entire portfolio, you can add value by saving energy.  Let CES's professionals get you started on the road to sustainability with Energy Star Benchmarking or Certification.


CES's ENERGY STAR Verification & Certification Services Include:

Step 1:  Energy Data entry into EPA's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

CES can set-up Web services to exchange utility data directly with Portfolio Manager. 

Your utility may also be able to exchange data with Portfolio Manager, in which case they can help you keep your energy information up-to-date every month.  CES's web services are ideal for companies with:

  • Energy information and bill handling services
  • A large portfolio of buildings
  • Interest in eliminating manual data entry

Step 2:  Review Energy Star Portfolio Manager and accuracy of benchmark

As part of the application process, a Licensed Professional (LP)  must sign and seal the ENERGY STAR Data Verification Checklist for Certification, validating that all of the submitted information is correct and that the indoor environmental quality meets industry standards.

Step 3:  Confirm information provided on the Statement of Energy Performance is true and accurate

CES meets the requirements to verify applications for ENERGY STAR certification:

  1. Currently licensed Professional Engineers (PE)
  2. Working knowledge of building systems, ASHRAE Standard 55 and 62.1
  3. Understanding engineering licensure laws, professional ethics requirements, and regulations

Step 4:  Conduct an on-site audit to verify data. 

CES will verify that the information submitted in the application is correct and that the building meets acceptable indoor environmental quality standards.  

To do this, we must:

  • Verify all data inputs. Confirm that all of the information reported in the Data Verification Checklist is accurate and complete.
  • Assess indoor environmental quality.  Ensure that the building meets industry standards for acceptable indoor air quality, thermal environmental conditions, and illumination.

Note that CES can coordinate with an on-site engineer or manager help conduct all or part of the site visit, but the Data Verification Checklist must still bear the CES Professional Engineering seal and signature.

If the building doesn't meet all of the indoor environmental quality standards, CES will work with you to correct them.

Step 5:  Sign and stamp Professional Engineer (PE) Data Verification Checklist.

CES will check to make sure the application is corrected.  Once the client has made the corrections and generated a new Data Verification Checklist, CES will double check that all of the information in the revised document is accurate and complete.

CES will attest that the application is correct by signing and dating the Data Verification Checklist.

Four Benefits of ENERGY STAR Commercial Buildings Program:

  1. Offers a strategic approach to energy management
  2. Enables building owners, managers, and tenants to save money & protect the environment
  3. Provides organizations with measurable information on energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions from commercial buildings
  4. ENERGY STAR on a building = Superior Energy Performance 


Whether you own or manage one facility or an entire portfolio, you can add value by saving energy.  Let CES's professionals get you started on the road to sustainability with Energy Star Benchmarking or Certification.

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