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CES is event sponsor for FHEA 34th Spring Meeting. “Be educated ... Are you ready? Change is Constant.”

May 17, 2018 1:46:40 PM

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The Florida Healthcare Engineering Association is comprised of men and women with extensive experience in the healthcare engineering profession.  The FHEA help keep CES up to date on the latest healthcare codes,  standards, and best work practices.  CES is the event sponsor for the FHEA Educational Program this week in St. Augustine.

CES possesses the system knowledge and field expertise to support delivery of energy-efficient, cost-effective systems to the Healthcare industry.  We have installed complex mechanical and plumbing systems in numerous healthcare-related facilities throughout the state of Florida.  For your healthcare facility needs, we’re ready and waiting to help.

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Our portfolio is filled with successfully completed and complex healthcare construction projects, ranging from major hospital renovations to small upgrades in operational facilities. Our expertise includes installing process cooling of medical equipment, the installation of lab and medical gas lines, and installing specialty exhaust and humidification/dehumidification controls.

Whether we are working in an existing medical office building, imaging center, or a state-of-the-art hospital, CES has the knowledge and expertise to make sure these sensitive projects are completed on time and within budget.

Our work does not stop with the completion of the construction phase. CES is uniquely qualified to handle all maintenance and service of your HVAC systems, ensuring that your healthcare facility is afforded the highest quality indoor environment possible.

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CES Mission Statement

CES’s mission statement is to provide the very best mechanical contracting services for our customers, to provide the very best place to work for our employees, to grow our company and our employees and to earn a fair profit.

FHEA Mission Statement

The mission of Florida Healthcare Engineering Association (FHEA)is to promote the professional role of the healthcare engineer and advance the development of healthcare engineering through effective communication, educational opportunities and establishment of professional standards.

FHEA Objectives

  1. Promote the recognition of the professional role of healthcare engineers throughout Florida Hospitals.
  2. Assist in the professional growth and development of its members.
  3. Provide a network of effective communication to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and experiences.
  4. Provide a variety of educational opportunities through seminars, workshops, business meetings, trade shows and training programs.
  5. Serve as an information resource through newsletters and other printed materials.
  6. Establish and maintain a high standard of integrity, proficiency, and professionalism in the healthcare engineering field.
  7. Establish and promote relationships with other professionals of businesses, organizations or agencies that are related to healthcare engineering.
  8. Encourage all interested and qualified engineers to become members of Florida Healthcare Engineers Association.
  9. Provide an organizational structure at district and state levels.
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