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Energy Audits 101 Green Works Orlando

Feb 24, 2016 12:15:00 PM

Energy_Audit_Fact_Sheet_Green_Works_Orlando.pngFROM BENCHMARKING TO AUDITING

Most buildings could function more efficiently, as evidenced by ENERGY STAR benchmarking scores under 100, but since they are as unique as people, they need to be independently analyzed to determine which improvements could most cost-effectively enhance their energy performance.


An energy audit is a detailed assessment of how a specific building can improve its performance through a review of base building systems and equipment that use energy, such as lighting systems, HVAC units, service hot water, plug load and the building envelope.  Following this assessment, building owners are provided with an audit report that captures areas where energy is being wasted, identifies capital improvements that will make the building more efficient and provides owners with actionable information on the financial impacts of the range of these improvements, including an estimate of project costs, calculated savings and payback period.

The energy cost and greenhouse gas emissions savings identified by energy audits are typically in the range of 10 to 40 percent. However, the only way to unlock those savings is to have an expert perform the analysis and identify which measures to take. Something can be done to improve performance in almost all existing buildings.

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  1. BUILDING OWNERS AND MANAGERS rarely conduct energy audits, which means they don’t know how much they could be saving through cost-effective upgrades. Audits show them, measure by measure, the business case for a set of optional upgrades that will bring better energy performance, increased equipment reliability and net operating incomes. This means that building owners and managers are saving money not only through lower utility bills, but also by reducing maintenance and operating costs. These improvements can also lead to increased property value.
  2. BUYERS AND TENANTS are able to live and work in a more comfortable environment. In energy-efficient buildings, thermostats turn off and on at the appropriate times, the lighting is more conducive to a productive work environment and indoor air quality is better for people’s health. All of these factors make energyefficient buildings more appealing for prospective buyers and tenants.
  3. THE ENTIRE CITY can experience increased economic development since widespread energy auditing directly creates jobs for credentialed energy auditors and indirectly creates engineering, contractor and other skilled building professional jobs. Furthermore, the local community can benefit from reduced carbon pollution, improved outdoor air quality and increased resilience to extreme weather effects.

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Nationally ranked as the third largest Florida-based mechanical and plumbing contractor, Comprehensive Energy Services, Inc. (CES) was founded in 1992 by Todd and Shelly Morgan. Led by Todd Morgan, P.E., President, a 2014 CEO of the Year honoree by Orlando Business Journal, CES is a recognized statewide leader recently named among Orlando Business Journal’s 2015 Golden 100 Top Privately-Held Companies and 2015 Best Places to Work.

A full-service Design-Build-Maintain Mechanical and Plumbing Contractor, CES self-performs a full range of advanced HVACR commercial and industrial services including mechanical engineering design and construction, plumbing, building automation, special effects, indoor air quality (IAQ), preventive maintenance and systems repairs throughout Florida.

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Comprehensive Energy Services, Inc. is an award-winning, self performing provider and recognized leader in Design Build and Maintain Mechanical Contracting and Plumbing; providing a full range of advanced HVAC commercial, healthcare, and industrial services, including mechanical engineering design, mechanical construction, plumbing, IAQ, preventative maintenance and system maintenance throughout Florida.


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