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Florida Elks Youth Camp Saves $21k/yr with Controls Retrofit

Oct 29, 2015 1:34:04 PM

FEYC-Main-Logo-Color-VertCES Saves Florida Elks Youth Camp $21,739 with HVAC Controls Retrofit! 

"Enriching Lives of Kids"

Lynn Warburton, Florida Elks Youth Camp Director, was nervous with the first cost of a building automation and controls retrofit.  The Florida Elks Youth Camp is a 501c3 corporation that is totally dependent on donations.  There's considerable reason to be nervous, because there's allot at stake. The Elks Youth Camp is dedicated to enriching the lives of children in general and underprivileged and disabled children in particular.

The camp opened its doors in 1991 to all of the children of Florida and has played a pivotal role in the development of so many children.  It offers them countless opportunities that have not previously been available to them. The camp staff presents a safe camp experience that contributes to each camper's mental, physical, and social growth.  The Florida Elks Youth Camp, a project of the Florida State Elks Association, is located on 405 acres of rolling hills, forests, lakes, and open space in Marion County, Florida.

After the retrofit was completed and commissioned, Lynn further noted "... the entire experience and result have exceeded my wildest expectations.  Both the savings in energy cost and ease of use are truly spectacular.  Being a 501c3 Corporations dependent totally on donations, we are currently setting aside funds necessary to implement total Distech Control of our entire complex."

In early 2014, Florida Elks Youth Camp indicated its desire to centralize the HVAC controls from 67 separate small facilities in the 405 acre camp to gain energy and manpower savings.  Florida Elks Youth Camp entered into a Design/Build contract with CES to provide a turn key controls retrofit solution.

Each of the 67 buildings HVAC consisted of split DX heat pumps systems with a traditional wall mounted thermostatic control.  

Florida Elks Youth Camp had multiple goals for the project:

  1. Centralized scheduling and set point operation
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Operations Efficiency
  4. Less than two year Return on Investment (ROI) 

The Solution

CES was tasked with upgrading and improving the existing HVAC controls. The CES BAS team knew that pre-planning, programming, and testing of the controllers, series network management, and graphical user interface were paramount to meeting Florida Elks Youth Camp's goals.  

CES split the work into two teams, each led by a BAS Supervisor and BAS Technicians with expertise in their field.  CES used a Zigbee network to connect ECW-STAT-HP Series wireless thermostats to multiple EC-BOS-6 devices installed in local power substations.  

According to CES's, BAS Manager, Mike O'Hare, "Distech Controls products helped us achieve Florida Elks Youth Camp achieve it's goals through a simple wireless setup of the Zigbee network and easy controller configuration with software plugins."

According to Lynn Warburton, Director, "Since the installation of the Distech Control System we are delighted that our Electric Bills have been reduced by $ 21,739.00 greatly exceeding our expectations."  Lynn also reported that end user satisfaction with CES's solution:

"I am not sure words can convey how pleasant the experience has been converting to Distech Controls.  Once scheduled, installation was professional with completion of the project within a few days.  The few very minor issues (which one would anticipate with the 67 locations involved) were immediately corrected."  

"A detailed graphic interface has rendered the use of the system extremely user friendly.  If I can teach someone how to turn on a computer, they can adjust temperatures within minutes of training.

"I would personally recommend Comprehensive Energy Services.  Their performance exceeded my expectations. They completed the project within budget in a very timely manner.  They continue to be responsive to any of our needs."



The Product

The ECW-STAT-HP Series wireless thermostats has adjustable high and low balance points and heat pump or auxiliary heating can be limited based on outside air temperature. Moreover, when a thermostat is in “economy” mode, heat pump usage is maximized before auxiliary heating turns on.

CES_BAS_EC-BOS-6AX_ControllerThe EC-BOS-6AX is a compact, embedded controller/server platform.  It combines integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management functions with Internet connectivity and web serving capabilities in a small, compact platform.

EC-NetAX BAS network manager and graphical user interface provides the power to do more, with cost-effective and scalable integration of all your control, monitoring, and operational needs. A truly open solution, the platform creates a sustainable foundation that supports and evolves with your building system’s lifecycle.


Products used:

  1. Controllers: (3) EC-BOS-6 AX, (67) ECW-STAT-HP Series
  2. Network management: EC-Net-AX
  3. Graphical user interface:EC-Net-AX 4
  4. Wireless solution: EnOcean, Zigbee networked ECW-STAT-HP Series




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