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Controlling Humidity in Natatoriums

Feb 15, 2019 12:20:27 PM

dlathleticfacpool-portraitLet CES's pool dehumidification professionals provide you with the advantages of DXair systems.

CES is here to provide custom built DXair solutions that truly control the humidity and air quality in your pool room/natatorium.

The fact that each DXair system is custom built is important. Our Healthcare and Hospitality clients needs are all unique. Effective humidity control is not achieved with a canned system. Our years of experience prove that.

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DXair pool dehumidifiers are liquid cooled packaged dehumidification systems that are factory charged and sealed, dx air logoeliminating onsite refrigeration work. The refrigeration circuit uses glycol and water as a heat rejection transfer fluid to an outdoor fluid cooler or cooling tower. Our efforts to reduce refrigerant and become environmentally responsible offers key advantages.

These are true green machines and use approximately 80% less refrigerant the conventional DX systems with outdoor remote condensers. There is practically no limit to the distance the outdoor remote fluid cooler can be located from the building, non-invasive, no breaking into refrigeration lines to service, and is used in “Green” or LEED Certified applications. Copper piping is not required; water grade plastic/PVC is appropriate. Our fluid cooler/dry cooler applications use the least amount of refrigerant in any packaged dehumidification system.

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