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Retrofit or Replace Roof Top Air Conditioning Units?

Feb 22, 2019 1:10:00 PM

CES_Convention_RTU_Moisture_Mold_HVAC_IAQ_Energy_PlusRTU Retrofit or Replace?

New technologies for replacement and retrofits of existing rooftop air conditioning units (RTUs) offer tremendous savings opportunities. To help take advantage of those opportunities, DOE’s Advanced RTU Campaign (ARC) has developed a checklist built around a streamlined RTU evaluation methodology.  

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Use this checklist to determine if your building is a good candidate for an HVAC retrofit or replacement:

Retrofit with Advanced Controls:

  1. Existing RTUs have greater than 7 tons cooling capacity and are less than 10 years old -
  2. Existing RTUs have constant speed fan control -
  3. Existing RTUs are in good working condition with an expected additional lifetime of 5 years or more (if not consider early retirement and replacement)

Replacement with a High-Efficiency RTU:

  1. Existing RTUs are more than 10 years old -
  2. Existing RTUs are in poor operating condition and require expensive repairs -
  3. Improved humidity and comfort control of the building is required -
  4. The building is undergoing a comprehensive retrofit -
  5. Existing RTUs use R22 refrigerant 

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