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The Gateway to IAQ Hysteria

May 14, 2015 12:58:00 PM

CES_LOGO_TSMJ_BLUE_CES_Only_2015-01The greatest risk to Property Managers concerning Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is when tenants are allowed to define how IAQ is perceived.   Allowing tenants to define the perception of IAQ is a gateway to much larger IAQ problems.  As an example of larger and unnecessary IAQ problems here's an email clip from a property manager in IAQ distress.  

"At this juncture it appears the “hysteria” is being cultivated by a single individual, and that person’s claim has infected others, who of course now are suggesting that the air quality is to blame for what is most likely to be allergy related."

 A properly communicated formal IAQ program would stop the IAQ hysteria in its tracks and will go far in improving property management/tenant relationships.  Experience confirms that people have a misconception of air quality and would like the opportunity to learn more about their work environment.    

This tenant education starts with communication guidance provided by CES.  For instance, tenants are made aware that a Proactive IAQ survey is taking place through proven communication templates that are included in a comprehensive program.  Tenants learn that property management is working to provide a high-quality indoor environment.

Since the 90's CES has actively encouraged our clients to establish Proactive Indoor Air Quality Programs.  Today, we provide LEED compliant IAQ Programs and also incorporate elements of Proactive IAQ Programs into our Green HVAC Preventative Maintenance services. 

We hear, "be proactive" all the time and in many aspects of our daily lives.  There's no two ways about it, addressing IAQ "proactively" is the key to minimizing IAQ risk.    I was told once, "When you hear the same thing over and over… Perhaps it's time to stop, think, and take stock of the message." 

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