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The Ideal Solution for Commercial HVAC Fan Replacement Applications

Oct 18, 2018 2:45:00 PM

IMG_0932Aging Central Air Handling Units (AHUs) life expectancy can greatly benefit through Q-Pac fan retrofit solutions.  Common considerations:

  1. Are the AHU chamber casings in good shape?  Are they double wall?  
  2. Is it time to replace compacted cooling and heating coils.
  3. Are you tired of the supply fan maintenance issues shutting down business.
  4. Was the mechanical room built  around the AHU?   Unit accessibility issues in limited access mechanical rooms often constrain replacement options.  

Q-Pac Fan Retrofits are very competitive when looking at first cost, but the real value is downstream in maintenance, dependability,  and controls and energy management benefits. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 2.07.43 PMFor Commercial Office, Institutional, and Healthcare Facility Engineering staff we see the following maintenance related benefits:

  • Decrease backlog of deferred HVAC maintenance work
  • Reduce percent of completed work that is reactive
  • Demonstrate preventive maintenance (PM) program compliance

CES can provide a fully engineered AHU fan retrofit solution which includes the installation of electronically communicated (EC) motor fans, bulkhead wall assembly, single point power panel, and optional BACnet compatible controller. 

Benefits to Fan replacements with Q-Pac:

  1. Zero Maintenance
  2. VFDs are eliminated
  3. Simple quick connect wiring
  4. Simplified control with BACnet
  5. Up to 200,000 CFM applications
  6. Inherently quiet technology

Contact CES here for more information on commercial AHU retrofit solutions.

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Q-PAC began in 2012 when they saw a need for ECM technology in the American commercial HVAC market.  Q-Pac can ship a kit with every component you need for an ECM fan array, for installation in a few hours.   With there patent pending Quick Connect wiring system, required electrician time is cut by 75%.  Optional BACnet and MODBUS compatible controllers make system integration simple.  Check out the video below.

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Replacing a fan? Cut install time in half with Q-PAC.  

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