Save 80% in Maintenance Costs w/ Auto-Cleaning Water Filters for Healthcare Cooling Towers

Virtually every industrial or healthcare facility has a cooling tower.  Furthermore, statistics point to as much as 5% of municipal water is used each year in cooling tower makeup.   Automatic screen filters requires much less water than other self-cleaning filters that utilize backwash cycles (US DOE). 

CES utilizes V-Series state-of-the-art Automatic Cleaning Filtration Systems by VAF Filtration Systems.  The extensive features and conservation benefits of the VAF system provides the facility with clean cooling tower basins at a lower system cost, lower energy costs and saves 80% in maintenance expense.  See how it works in the video below.  To request a quote click here.

How does ASHRAE recommend cooling towers be cleaned to avoid Legionellosis?

ASHRAE's recommendations regarding Legionellosis are contained in ASHRAE Standard 188-2015, Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems, and the ASHRAE Guideline 12 -2000, Minimizing the Risk of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems.

ASHRAE recommends that cooling towers should be designed, installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with ASHRAE Guideline 12 -2000 to minimize the risk of dissemination of legionella bacteria. The guideline includes recommendations for cleaning and disinfection.

How to maintain a HVAC system for Legionella Control

Legionnaires' disease bacteria (LDB) cannot survive without water, and a properly operated, well-maintained HVAC system is unlikely to be a source of problems unless water contaminated with the bacteria enters the system.  

Air conditioning units without humidifiers have not been identified as sources of LDB.  For a Legionnaires' disease outbreak to be linked directly with the HVAC system, LDB-contaminated water must enter the system, be aerosolized, and be delivered to building occupants.

Prevention of Legionellosis for Facility Managers

New Standard to Help Minimize the Risk of Legionellosis

This summer, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. released ASHRAE Standard 188: Prevention of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems – a new standard requiring that facility owners and managers implement stronger safeguards via proactive risk assessment and risk management practices aimed at preventing Legionellosis from being contracted in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

4th Qtr Lunch & Learn on Cooling Tower Fan & Pump Tech

Join CES at our 4th Qtr. Lunch & Learn Friday November 20th

The lunch and learn will focus on new cooling tower fan technology by Baltimore Air Coil (BAC) and an overview of hydronic heating and cooling system pumps by Florida Hydronics.

Register for November 20th L&L

Are You Compliant with 2015 ASHRAE Standards on Preventing Legionellosis?

New Standard to Help Minimize the Risk of Legionellosis

With 12 confirmed dead and more than 120 cases of infection due to legionellosis, New York City Council has adopted legislation that requires adherence to part of ASHRAE’s newly published Legionella standard.

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