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Building Automation That Meets Your Need for Choice

CES is your source for BAS system services and solutions.

Comprehensive Energy Services (CES) is one of Florida's premier supplier of building automation system solutions.  CES has the knowledge and expertise to analyze a facility's building automaton system and provide options for upgrading or replacement of the existing system.

Case Study:  HVAC Controls Retrofit Saves $21k Annually

Nonprofit saves with HVAC Controls Retrofit! 

Florida Elks Youth Camp indicated its desire to centralize the HVAC controls from 67 separate small facilities in the 405 acre camp to gain energy and manpower savings.  The Camp entered into a Design/Build contract with CES to provide a turn key controls retrofit solution.

Florida Elks Youth Camp had multiple goals for the project:
  1. Centralized scheduling and set point operation
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Operations Efficiency
  4. Less than two year Return on Investment (ROI) 

Reducing risk and producing true value with Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Past the BIM basics

Over the years, CES has seen major advances in our application of CAD/BIM technology.  CES has moved past the BIM basics (clash detection, quantity extraction, and logistics) and have transformed of how we execute our projects.  
Evolution in the technology and application of CAD/BIM has necessitated the development of a VDC Department within our organization. 

CES Special Effects Travel to Lincoln Park Zoo and The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

CES's Icewall technology can be seen around the world.

CES began establishing itself as a special effects contractor in the mid 1990's.  The Universal Studios' Terminator 2 and Twister attractions launched CES's special effects reputation.  In 1999, CES's invented the Icewall.  

This innovative proprietary design solidified us as a go-to company for special effects systems.  CES designs and builds each custom Icewall at its corporate headquarters in Longwood, Florida.

The latest Icewall editions can be seen at the Lincoln Park Zoo,Walter Family Arctic Tundra exhibit, and the Museum of Science and Industry, Extreme Ice exhibit. 

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Message from the President

Todd S. Morgan, P.E., President of CES

Todd S. Morgan, P.E., President

"Our professional services are the benchmark for quality and innovation. These long-standing commitments translate into CES’s formula for success. We are relationship based and performance driven. Our capabilities are unique and unmatched in our industry, we are a value provider for ensuring comfortable, efficient and healthy indoor environments."
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Todd S. Morgan, P.E.


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