CES is event sponsor for FHEA 34th Spring Meeting. “Be educated ... Are you ready? Change is Constant.”

CES Healthcare Experience

The Florida Healthcare Engineering Association is comprised of men and women with extensive experience in the healthcare engineering profession.  The FHEA help keep CES up to date on the latest healthcare codes,  standards, and best work practices.  CES is the event sponsor for the FHEA Educational Program this week in St. Augustine.

CES possesses the system knowledge and field expertise to support delivery of energy-efficient, cost-effective systems to the Healthcare industry.  We have installed complex mechanical and plumbing systems in numerous healthcare-related facilities throughout the state of Florida.  For your healthcare facility needs, we’re ready and waiting to help.

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Message from the President

Todd S. Morgan, P.E., President of CES

Todd S. Morgan, P.E., President

"Our professional services are the benchmark for quality and innovation. These long-standing commitments translate into CES’s formula for success. We are relationship based and performance driven. Our capabilities are unique and unmatched in our industry, we are a value provider for ensuring comfortable, efficient and healthy indoor environments."
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Todd S. Morgan, P.E.


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