The Ideal Solution for Commercial HVAC Fan Replacement Applications

Aging Central Air Handling Units (AHUs) life expectancy can greatly benefit through Q-Pac fan retrofit solutions.  Common considerations:

  1. Are the AHU chamber casings in good shape?  Are they double wall?  
  2. Is it time to replace compacted cooling and heating coils.
  3. Are you tired of the supply fan maintenance issues shutting down business.
  4. Was the mechanical room built  around the AHU?   Unit accessibility issues in limited access mechanical rooms often constrain replacement options.  

Q-Pac Fan Retrofits are very competitive when looking at first cost, but the real value is downstream in maintenance, dependability,  and controls and energy management benefits. 

CES is event sponsor for FHEA 34th Spring Meeting. “Be educated ... Are you ready? Change is Constant.”

CES Healthcare Experience

The Florida Healthcare Engineering Association is comprised of men and women with extensive experience in the healthcare engineering profession.  The FHEA help keep CES up to date on the latest healthcare codes,  standards, and best work practices.  CES is the event sponsor for the FHEA Educational Program this week in St. Augustine.

CES possesses the system knowledge and field expertise to support delivery of energy-efficient, cost-effective systems to the Healthcare industry.  We have installed complex mechanical and plumbing systems in numerous healthcare-related facilities throughout the state of Florida.  For your healthcare facility needs, we’re ready and waiting to help.

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Identifying Areas Where Legionella Could Grow & Spread

Where Legionella Can Grow or Spread

Legionella can grow in many parts of building water systems that are continually wet, and certain devices can then spread contaminated water droplets.  Some examples of devices where Legionella can grow and/or spread through aerosolization or aspiration (when water accidentally goes into the lungs while drinking) include: 

7 Elements of a Legionella Water Management Program

Developing and maintaining a water management program is a multi-step, continuous process. The key steps, listed here, are explained in more detail below.

According to the CDC, among the Legionnaires’ disease cases definitely associated with health care facilities:

  • 80 percent were associated with long-term care facilities,
  • 18 percent with hospitals, and
  • 2 percent with both
  • Cases were reported from 72 unique facilities, with the number of cases ranging from one to six per facility
  • 88 percent were in people 60 years of age or older

Does your facility require a Legionella Water Management Plan? Find out here.

According to the CDC, answer yes to one of these four questions and you are required to implement a building water management program to reduce the risk of Legionella growth and spread.  Additionally, individual devices may require a water management plan (see below).  

CDC Toolkit for Legionella Water Management

Developing a Water Management Program to Reduce Legionella Growth & Spread in Buildings

This toolkit will help you develop and implement a water management program to reduce your building’s risk for growing and spreading Legionella.  If you already have a program, this toolkit will help you assess and strengthen it.  Included are practical resources to help you ensure that your water management program is comprehensive, effective, and in line with industry standards.CDC Legionella Toolkit 

CES Starts $7 million of HVAC Work in Orlando

Longwood-based CES starts $7 million of heating ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing, and special effects work in the Orlando area.  In addition to three unnamed theme park projects, the work includes:

  1. The Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (FAMRC) at 200 Semoran Farms Road, Kissimmee with Skanska USA Building
  2. Orlando Health's Arnold Palmer Hospital 1st and 2nd Floor Rooms for RC Stevens Construction
  3. Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute's heating and cooling systems at 6400 Sangar Road for McRee General Contractor.

CES Starts $12 million of HVAC Work in Orlando

Longwood-based CES start $12 million of heating ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing, and special effects work in the Orlando area.  In addition to nine theme park projects, the work includes the Florida Hospital Altamonte Pharmacy Renovation; the Bisk Education's interior renovation at 8427 S. Park Circle for Mcree General Contractors & Architects; Florida Hospital Celebration Fitness Center, for JM Construction Construction & Associates; and Nemours Childrens Hospital Clinical Refinement, for RC Stevens Construction.

Wanted: Experienced Healthcare HVAC & PLBG Project Manager

Healthcare HVAC and Plumbing Job Opening:

Chosen as one of the best places to work in Central Florida, Comprehensive Energy Services in Longwood, Florida has an immediate opening for a Project Manager.  

  • A minimum of 10 years of experience managing HVAC and plumbing healthcare projects with AHCA experience is required.  
  • Must have a strong background in plumbing, piping and sheetmetal.  

Register for HVAC Ventilation Standards Lunch & Learn at CES Training Center August 21st


Building ventilation is the circulation of air throughout a building.  Building ventilation is one important factor affecting the relationship between airborne transmission of respiratory infections and the health and productivity of workers.  

 Register for August 21st L&L

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