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Retrofit or Replace Roof Top Air Conditioning Units?

By Comprehensive Energy Services on Feb 22, 2019 1:10:00 PM

RTU Retrofit or Replace?

New technologies for replacement and retrofits of existing rooftop air conditioning units (RTUs) offer tremendous savings opportunities. To help take advantage of those opportunities, DOE’s Advanced RTU Campaign (ARC) has developed a checklist built around a streamlined RTU evaluation methodology.  

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The hot season is upon us...40% of business owners require HVAC Financing...We can show you how!

By Comprehensive Energy Services on May 18, 2016 7:00:00 AM

CES is proud to partner with UniFi to help our customers through the Planned HVAC Equipment Replacement purchasing process.  "U-Climate" is an industry-leading HVAC financing program designed specifically for HVAC Dealers and Contractors that accomplishes just that with 2-hour turn around and same day funding. 

A successfully planned RTU replacement program saves energy and avoids costly emergency replacements. This approach allows standardization of equipment features, streamlines the process, reduces costs, and provides higher quality results.

Unfortunately, a lot of times when you’re only replacing commercial HVAC every 10-15 years, you lose track of what those things cost.  Sometimes clients are shocked by first cost prices.  CES offers financing promos so our clients don’t have to pay out of pocket Today,  and they can start on a low monthly payment or a deferred interest option.

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