Register for 1st Qtr L&L - Current Tank & Boiler Designs 2016

CES Lunch & Learn Seminar Friday February 26th featuring Commercial Products:

  1. Current Tank & Boiler Designs – How did we get here?
  2. What is needed for water heating system to work as “tankless” in a commercial world?
  3. True impact of draw profiles with traditional boiler/tank systems.
  4. How to size tankless?
  5. How to eliminate “over” design and unneeded redundancy?

Register for Lunch & Learn Here

Download CES HVAC Ventilation 3rd Quarter Lunch and Learn Slide Decks

3rd Quarter Lunch and Learn on Ventilation Standards & Outside Air Energy Savings Technologies is a success!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Lunch & Learn on August 21st.  

I also hope that the time we spent discussing Outside Air Energy Savings Technologies will help you identify energy conservations opportunities in your organization.  

Thanks for attending our recent Building Commissioning Lunch & Learn

Thank you to everyone who attended the CES Commissioning Lunch & Learn last Friday.  I hope you left with a good understanding of what Commissioning is and how your facility and organazation can benefit from Commissioning.  I also hope that the time we spent exploring commissioning scenarios will help you identify Commissioning opportunities in your organization.

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Todd S. Morgan, P.E., President

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