3 Indoor Air Quality Problems Requiring Immediate Action

However subjective one's perception of indoor air quality (IAQ) is, as a building owner, property manager, or building engineer it's critical that IAQ complaints are proactively responded to and managed.  

The IAQ problem indicator dictates the associated management response, with some requiring immediate attention.  Other problems are less urgent, but all require a response.  

The Gateway to IAQ Hysteria

The greatest risk to Property Managers concerning Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is when tenants are allowed to define how IAQ is perceived.   Allowing tenants to define the perception of IAQ is a gateway to much larger IAQ problems.  As an example of larger and unnecessary IAQ problems here's an email clip from a property manager in IAQ distress.  

3 Indoor Air Quality Problems Requiring Immediate Attention

How occupants perceive indoor air quality (IAQ) in a typical commercial office environment can be very subjective.  ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2013 -- Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality (ANSI Approved) Standard sets ventilation rates that will "satisfy a substantial majority (about 80%) of unadapted persons (visitors) in a space."  Meaning that even if Standard 62 is satisfied, a potential two of ten people may find the air unacceptable.  

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