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What Deferred HVAC Preventative Maintenance Looks Like

Aug 11, 2015 5:22:27 PM

It’s incumbent upon the HVACR contractors, like CES, to educate building owners about the importance and benefit of a comprehensive HVAC Preventative Maintenance program.  

Scroll through the slides below to see the results of deferring HVAC maintenance practices and consider the impact of this neglect on occupant comfort and health as Indoor Air Quality is diminished.  

Competition and the customer push for lower priced maintenance programs has resulted in fewer HVAC inspections.  The multiple in-season inspections are long gone.  Now, even one in-season inspection can be difficult to sell.


And to make matters worse, the amount of time and the services provided are being squeezed even further.  HVAC PM costs and hours are being cut so much that it’s almost not worth doing; owners may be better off saving the money for the repairs that would inevitably be required.

The truth is, everyone obsessed with the cost of PM contracts is forgetting that repairs and energy costs are higher with an ineffective maintenance program.  Now consider the cost of employer productivity.

Many studies show the cost of lost employee productivity due to an uncomfortable building environment makes any potential savings of a cheap preventive maintenance program totally inconsequential.  

So what is the answer? Unfortunately it appears that contractors must offer some cheap maintenance programs just to be in the game.  

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