CES Red Bag Seminole Project - Fill a Bag Feed a Child

CES_Red_Bag_Seminole_Project_2016-03-08_at_5.03.16_PM.pngCES is rallying together to assist the Seminole County Public Schools System in providing food each weekend to children in need of this service.

CES Red Bag Seminole Project

There are over 1800 children in Seminole County that are part of homeless families or families in transition from being homeless. Providing for the needs of the child are paramount, however, preserving their dignity is important as well.  

Rather than creating dependency, the Red Bag Project hopes to empower the family to move on and no longer need the services of the food pantry.

CES is holding a charity drive to help with the Red Bag Project. Together we can touch the lives of underprivileged youth nearby, so they will never experience the pain of missing meals again.  Donations will be made monthly by CES in coordination with SCPS to the schools in need.

  • Collection boxes will be located at the CES Longwood reception desk year round.  
  • Red Bags will also be provided to those who wish to take one home and fill to bring back complete.
  • Thanks to Corey Gray in the CES estimating department and Blake Crew in the project control department for taking this initiative.   

CES Red Bag Seminole Project

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