Shelly Morgan Awarded Judy Murphy Award

OCAF.jpg Orlando, FL – Longwood based, Comprehensive Energy Services, Inc. (CES) Co-founder and Principal, Shelly Morgan, awarded the prestigious “Judy Murphy Award” by the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida.

The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida takes great pride in presenting the “Judy Murphy Award” “Celebrating Women’s Lives.” “It is truly fitting and our honor to present the 2009 'Judy Murphy Award' to Shelly Morgan.” This award is given annually to a woman who has exhibited pronounced initiative, devotion and passion for serving the greater good of humanity; someone who has multiple roles and duties in her life, not just for volunteering, advocating or educating, but is well balanced with family and various life missions. Shelly is a heterogeneous individual who embraces her own life and whole-heartedly works to touch the lives of others.

This prestigious award was created in honor of Judy Murphy, a mother, sister, friend, wife, volunteer and victim of ovarian cancer. Judy’s life mission, after the diagnosis of ovarian cancer, was to advocate for early detection and education of women and the medical community on the “silent” ovarian cancer symptoms. She devoted her energy and time to the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida, assisting other women in their battle with ovarian cancer. Judy’s vision and desire to reach out to non-cancer victims, survivors, and women enduring ovarian cancer was instrumental in creating the annual Christmas Tree Project, the Teal Magnolia Luncheon and various other public service projects.

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