Construction IAQ Monitoring

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality during new construction and renovation projects has considerable benefits, not to mention the reduction of risk for the Owner, Developer, and Construction Management firms.  These risks are especially prevalent in the Healthcare market.  CES has considerable experience in Indoor Air Quality testing and monitoring in Healthcare Facilities.  Let CES perform Construction IAQ Monitoring on your next new construction or renovation project.

The intent of Construction IAQ Monitoring is to:

  1. Minimize exposure of construction workers to air pollutants;
  2. Prevent air pollutants from collecting in building systems and on building materials; and
  3. Prevent air pollutants caused by construction from migrating into occupied spaces.

Air pollutants are defined as:

  • Particulates;
  • Volatile organic compounds;
  • Formaldehyde;
  • Combustion emissions;
  • Airborne bacteria and micro-organisms; and
  • Airborne inorganic compounds, such as ozone (from electrical motors), metal fumes (from smoldering and welding), and ammonia and chlorine (from cleaning products).

CES’s Construction IAQ Monitoring Plan addresses all measures required by the U.S. Green Council’s LEED Green Building Rating System (Version 2009) Credits IEQ-3.1 and IEQ-3.2 (Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan).

Please contact Todd S. Morgan JR at for more information on Construction IAQ Monitoring.