Advantages of Design-Build can work for you

CES Orlando Design Build HVAC.jpgWhat If Your Next Major HVAC Project Could Be…

  • 33% faster from concept to completion
  • 6% less costly
  • 25% more assured of a trouble-free startup

With Design-Build or Negotiated contracting it can be.  According to industry studies, these are the types of improvements being realized with this approach to HVAC projects.  Simple process changes can lead to big gains in quality, efficiency and cost containment. That’s what happens with the integration of the design and construction phases of a project in the Design-Build approach.

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Design-Build Cost Reduction Improvements

Project cost reductions and additional financial benefits include:
  1. Costs are better defined earlier in the process with the specialized knowledge of team members
  2. The likelihood of cost overruns is greatly reduced
  3. Faster project completion means reduced debt load and debt service, plus a faster return on the investment

Design-Build Quality Improvements include:

More and more, building owners and contractors alike are witnessing the value of CES's negotiated design-build projects with results including:

  1. Lower first cost and operating costs while achieving design integrity that improves building efficiency
  2. One company responsible for project success
  3. Diverse practical knowledge of design and construction, plus the best available technology
  4. Reducing risks of cost overruns with early involvement of specialized contractors and limiting change orders to those that are client driven

Design-Build Improved Results

A negotiated approach can bring the best ideas from all team members into the open, using all available knowledge and experience to improve the results. It’s a different, more advanced form of partnership than typically practiced in competitive bid processes, leading to a better coordinated project and higher client satisfaction.  Whatever your next set of project goals and challenges, a Design-Build or Negotiated approach can help achieve those goals faster and more cost effectively.

To improve your project’s financials even more, we can support your efforts to qualify for local utility rebates or incentive programs. To learn how contact your local CES representative.

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The data above is based on a study conducted by The Construction Industry Institute.

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