Energy Audits

Creating an energy efficient and greener business can have a major positive impact on our environment as well as your bottom line. A commercial energy audit will help you benefit from the triple bottom line – People, Planet, and Profit. Along with cost savings, there are a number of tangible benefits that you will realize.

Cost Savings

By looking at businesses in a green manner, direct and measurable energy cost savings will be realized on your utility bills. By reducing utility bills your business can be more successful and profitable in clear and quantifiable ways.

Competitive Advantage

By adopting a greener more energy efficient business model, business owners will begin to appreciate what green businesses worldwide have already notices: green business has a distinct advantage over most of its traditional “brown” competitors.

Increase Building Value

By reducing your facility’s operational costs and creating a productive work environment, your property value will have a higher resale value and increase its marketability. According to the EPA, every $1 invested in energy upgrades can increase your property value by $2-$3.

Increase Productivity

A commercial energy audit is the first step to creating a more productive work environment through improving comfort, IAQ, light quality and reducing waste. CES can help you strategically plan for the long term by encouraging the most cost-effective measures that result in operational efficiencies.

CES Performs three levels of ASHRAE Energy Audits:

  1. Level I Analysis – Walk Through Analysis;
  2. Level II Analysis – Energy survey with ECM analysis;
  3. Level III Analysis – Investment Grade Energy Audit.

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