Energy Modeling

CES provides Rapid Energy Modeling for Retrofit Projects.

Cost Effective Business Case Energy modeling assists building owners and managers with pursuing investments that have greatest impact on a building’s energy use. Once the baseline energy model is created, energy conservation measures including HVAC retrofits, lighting, controls, and envelope upgrades can be evaluated for cost effectiveness.

Whole Building

CES takes a whole-building approach when looking at energy saving solutions. In order to achieve high performance building efficiencies companies have to take a multi-pronged approach.

Tax Incentives

Energy efficient upgrades to existing buildings can qualify for tax deductions. Certification of the savings from the energy efficient upgrades are required to qualify for the federal tax deductions like EPAct.

Cost Effective

Using energy modeling and life cycle costing to select advanced energy efficient systems, reductions in annual energy costs can be more than 40 percent .

The Business Case

Detailed documentation, including business case studies, of the process and results. Results can be combined with real costs for investment grade analysis.

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