THE GREAT THING ABOUT CES ENERGY PLUS is how simple it is to benefit from this valuable service.  

"Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect as we work to tune-up your HVAC system."


  • Connect with us. Sign up for CES Plus Here.
  • Get scheduled for service. After we’ve helped determine that you’re a good candidate for CES Energy Plus, your Account Manager will follow up with you and together, you’ll agree on a project schedule and costs.
  • Sign the agreement and start. Someone from your company will need to sign the Participation Agreement and provide roof and thermostat access at the scheduled time of your on-site assessment.


  • On-site assessment. A CES Service Technician will inspect the equipment at your site to confirm equipment eligibility and finalize your project scope.
  • Tune-up time. A CES Service Technician will complete your HVAC tune-up and make all the agreed-upon adjustments.
  • Finishing touches. CES will place CES Plus stickers on your HVAC units for quality assurance and tracking purposes. Complete the transaction by signing the invoice.


  • See the savings. A CES representative will provide you with a customized savings report upon request.
  • Possible follow-up. A CES or Utility representative may contact you to perform a no-cost quality inspection.
  • Just the beginning. If future HVAC maintenance is required, or you have any questions about the system, please follow up with your CES Account Manager.
  • Enjoy! Your renovated HVAC will save energy and perform better than ever.

The First Sep is Easy!

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