HVAC Commissioning

Commissioning of existing buildings (and more specifically the energy-consuming mechanical, electrical and control systems) is critical to ensure energy-efficient operation.  In general, commissioning is the process of ensuring that a building performs according to its design intent and the needs of its owners and occupants.

Our team of professionals excels at identifying, designing, installing, and maintaining innovative solutions in line with your energy goals. The common goals are to lower your energy and operating costs, boost your bottom line, enhance occupancy comfort, and reduce your impact on the environment.

Numerous case studies have demonstrated resulting O&M related energy efficiency improvements on the order of 5% to 30% covering a wide range of building uses. Resulting payback periods are typically less than two years and often less than 0.5 years.

CES recently performed HVAC Preventative Maintenance and Retro-Commissioning (RCx) services at a 48,551 square foot building in Brandon, Florida. Through the RCx Program, energy efficiency measures were implemented resulting in an annual energy savings of 8% or $60,980 over five years. The simple payback was four months.

Objectives of commissioning include optimizing operations to reduce operating costs, addressing complaints from occupants regarding IAQ or comfort, to create a model facility, and improve facility Operations & Maintenance including reducing emergency trouble calls.

Please contact Todd S. Morgan JR for more information at tmorgan@cesmechanical.com.