Proactive IAQ Monitoring

CES has successfully completed hundreds of building inspections related to IAQ complaints.  CES’s Proactive Indoor Air Quality Program provides Property Managers and Facility Engineers with the proper tools to properly address IAQ complaints.  Subscribing to the Proactive IAQ Program also meets the latest indoor air quality requirements being set by the Green Building industry.  There are numerous benefits to having an established program that effectively documents and communicates management activities and good faith efforts towards providing the very best indoor environmental quality.

Building Value

Proactive Indoor Air Quality Management programs build value into the property, as a professional record of indoor environmental conditions are formally documented over time.

Reduce Liability

Proactive IAQ Management reduces the chance of a “healthy” building being labeled as “sick.”  Problems or potential problems are quickly identified and corrected at minimim expence.

Tenant Retention

The Proactive IAQ Management Program enhances the relationship of management and tenants by demonstrating a genuine concern for the tenant’s employees.

Tenant Attraction

Having a LEED EB compliant proactive IAQ program in place immediately establishes the management company within the industry’s upper echelon.

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