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Our Purpose

Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Markets

Our foundation is our people and our culture

Our History

Family-owned and operated since 1992.
Family-owned and operated since 1992. CES was founded by Todd and Shelly Morgan on May 26, 1992, with $30,000 in starting capital and three employees. CES’s first project was a $135 tenant finish job.
CES presently has over 300 employees and projects ranging from small tenant finish and service repairs to multimillion-dollar attractions and hospital renovations. CES maintains a solid balance sheet, has favorable liquidity, and enjoys excellent business relationships with clients, vendors, and service providers.

Win-Win Solutions

Continuous and aggressive improvement
Our employees and work processes are vital to our continuous goal of providing industry-leading mechanical Design-Build-Maintain solutions.

CES prides itself on being a "Relationship Based, Performance Driven" company. The companies that we work with have confidence in our ability to deliver on time and within budget.
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