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Energy Savings Opportunities

Reduce energy costs and increase building efficiency with CES System Solutions

Whether you operate an office building, healthcare facility, retail location, hotel or industrial site—you may have experienced the steady increase in building operational costs over the years.

Systems Solutions

Although some of this increase is due to an increase in utility rates, much is associated with end of useful life of your HVAC systems.

CES System Solutions can help you discover opportunities for improving the performance of your building’s infrastructure, while using the savings in performance to offset the upfront costs!

As HVAC equipment ages, there is no escaping the need to upgrade or replace individual units or complete building systems. At CES, we provide a vast array of customized system upgrade and replacement solutions to each individual facility requirements. Fan arrays and digital controls upgrade the capabilities of aging equipment to insure peak performance without significant capital outlay.

When it is time to replace aged and inefficient systems, CES can provide a comprehensive plan that includes; in-house design, build / engineering capabilities, energy cost reduction and financing options, and a “self-performing” trade guarantee to insure a low first cost option.

System Upgrades

CES has the in-house expertise to evaluate and recommend systems upgrades that assist in modernizing existing building types. Our field-based technicians can optimize your existing HVAC system to insure it is operating in the most efficient manner possible. Real energy savings opportunities exist by updating obsolete control systems, adding variable frequency drive technology to motors, and providing customized control algorithms to maximize system performance.

System Replacements

Old, inefficient HVAC systems replaced with today’s technology provides building operators reduced operational costs, increased building performance and facility value. CES can provide a system assessment and solution for your facility that will include the most efficient HVAC equipment options available today, and install them quickly and without the need and added cost of extensive subcontracting.

System Solutions

To identify system solutions that will lower your operational costs, CES can:

  1. Perform an on-site building survey to identify system improvements that will lead to operational cost savings
  2. Perform a level I energy analysis of your facility. This analysis will provide a baseline against other similar building types and assist in identifying potential savings opportunity
  3. Leveraging our industry proven expertise, CES will develop estimates of operational cost savings after applying our system solutions
  4. As budgets allow, implement the system solutions in a prioritized manner---starting with the opportunities providing the best ROI

The Proof is in Our Performance!

Most recently, at a local religious center, CES provided a turnkey system solution that included a new building automation system (BAS) and associated equipment upgrades. The facility is experiencing energy cost savings in excess of 30%, reduced occupant complaints, and increased system uptime!

The Impact of CES System Solutions:

  • Reduced facility expense
  • Optimized system performance
  • Operational budget control
  • Increased system uptime
  • Enhance occupant comfort
  • Peace of mind

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