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Commercial Plumbing Solutions

Something as simple as a leak or a clogged pipe can snowball into an event that will require business closure and lost revenue.
Our professional plumbing staff will assess your emergency, identify the source of the problem, and provide immediate solution options.
Plumbing problems can be catastrophic for building owners and operators. The CES plumbing team includes journeymen plumbers, pipe insulators, pipefitters, 6G-certified pipe welders, and a full-time Safety Director. CES holds state-certified plumbing licenses and is qualified to work on projects of all sizes.

Our goal is to prevent plumbing discord.

Plumbing Capabilities

Experienced plumbers can troubleshoot and identify emergency repairs or system solution options to quickly correct the problem.
  • 24/7 emergency service and repairs
  • Complete remodels (fixture change out and repairs)
  • Upgrading equipment to ADA standards
  • Backflow certification, repair, or replacement
  • Commercial water heaters
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Video camera pipe inspection (with full-color DVD)
  • Solar water heater installation
  • Retrofitting to water-conserving plumbing fixtures

Hydro Jetting & Drain Cleaning

One day it’s grease and tree roots. The next it’s sand and sludge.
Hydro jetting is a great way to prevent future plumbing problems. Hydro jetting is superior to traditional methods that remove blockages but still leaves residue on the pipe's walls. Over time, the residue continues to build, leading to a slow drain or another clog. Our experienced plumbers will have your plumbing system working at optimum capacity.

The Benefit of Hydro Jetting

A proactive approach helps ensure pipe integrity and flow.
  • Healthcare
  • Theme Parks
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Convenient Stores
  • Churches
  • Country Clubs
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hotels & Leisure
  • Boat Marinas
  • Airports
  • Retail Stores
  • & More

Emergency Repair Service

Commitment to High-Value, Emergency Repair Service.
Our service to you is relationship based and performance driven, as we always strive to provide you with best-in-class customer service.

Our highly responsive service repair process ensures you receive the warmest engagement and exceptional benefit from each service call.

  1. Orlando
  2. Gainesville
  3. Tampa
  4. Pompano
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