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Florida’s Recognized Leader in Open-Source Building Automation Solutions

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

As a property owner or building manager, there are a lot of variables that probably tend to keep you up at night. Let’s focus on one of those – the inability to securely and remotely solve issues that have a direct effect on your bottom line, such as heating, cooling, lighting, and other energy-consuming operations. Comprehensive Energy Services has the answer to assist with those headaches in the form of our Building Automation Solutions.

A building automation system (BAS) can result in over 20% more efficient HVAC system usage when operating correctly.

As Florida’s leading specialty contractor, we utilize an open-source BAS platform to provide a web-based framework that will integrate into LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus, and other legacy-based solutions. This means we provide our customers with a value-added, user-friendly solution that not only saves energy but saves money on maintenance long-term, therefore resulting in a positive return on your investment.

In today’s competitive marketplace, offering our customers a single platform for consideration does not suffice, which is why utilize an open-source, cutting-edge platform, DISTECH. As Central Florida’s largest DISTECH systems and Open Source BAS Integrator Company, we help building owners and operators alike to:

• Reduce Operating and Energy Costs

• Control your facility from anywhere, on any device

• Improve occupant comfort and health

• Predict possible issues remotely

• Assist in Building Analysis & Trending

• Avoid nickel and diming on repairs

• Adhere to ASHRAE Guideline 36 compliance

…………… all the while utilizing the highest network security compliance.

It is no secret that a building automation system can result in over 20% more efficient HVAC system usage when operating correctly. In addition, saving time in one area will help to proactively address potential issues in another. When you have the option to turn to a user-friendly, free, and openly accessible platform to reduce energy costs and improve your bottom line, why wait? The CES Team has completed numerous BAS retrofits within the last few years and is here to help you take that first step toward a credible solution and a positive return on your investment.


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