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Preventative Maintenance Season

During the Spring and Summer months, especially in Florida, having your HVAC system operating at peak performance is a must, so having the proper proactive maintenance plan in place is imperative! Industry studies show that proactive HVAC/R system maintenance can save up to 18% or more operational dollars compared to reactive emergence repair service. A well-maintained system also provides a healthier environment for its occupants.

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At Comprehensive Energy Services, we have Preventative Maintenance Programs for all types of Commercial Buildings. Our proven Preventative Maintenance Program helps extend one's current HVAC/R system's equipment life and mitigates energy-deficient operation. To ensure that the proper program is in place for our customers, the CES team considers facility type, HVAC system configuration, operational characteristics, comfort needs of occupants and budgetary constraints.

CES will customize our planned maintenance solutions to best meet our customer's unique objectives. Standard maintenance through scheduled inspections assists in keeping HVAC solutions operating efficiently. In addition, repairs found during inspections are often less expensive to perform and prevent more costly emergency repairs in the future. Our standard approach considers the manufacturer's recommended maintenance tasks and frequency. CES will refine the traditional program to account for specific facility requirements, including operating hours, environmental conditions, and ease of access to equipment.

In addition to the standard maintenance approach, CES offers a Comprehensive Program designed to eliminate cost uncertainty related to owning and operating your HVAC systems. CES can provide a comprehensive program to ensure proactive maintenance and reduce the risk of operational budget fluctuations, including cost allocations for material, repair labor, and replacement parts. This solution offers the best peace of mind for building owners and operators seeking budget assurance.

  • A few benefits of a Preventative Maintenance program for Building owners and operators:

    • Reduces energy consumption

    • Extends equipment life

    • Eliminates comfort problems

    • Improves Air quality

    • Protects the value of your system

    • Improves system performance

    • Reduces down time

    • Peace of mind!

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The impact of using CES's proven HVAC/R Preventative Maintenance program is substantial! Contact us today to find out how you can get started on a Preventative Maintenance program and take a proactive approach to maintain the existing HVAC systems in your building!


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