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Ten Reasons Why You Should Have a Preventative Maintenance Program in Place Before Summer

Industry studies show that proactive HVAC/R and Plumbing system maintenance can save up to 18% or more operational dollars compared to reactive emergency repair service and helps to maintain a positive bottom line! As we move into the spring and summer months in Florida, having your HVAC system operating at peak performance is a must, so having the proper proactive maintenance plan in place is imperative.

CES can provide a comprehensive program to ensure proactive maintenance and reduce the risk of operational budget fluctuations, including cost allocations for material, repair labor, and replacement parts. This solution offers the best peace of mind for building owners and operators seeking budget assurance.

The list below covers the top ten reasons why building operators and owners should have a preventative maintenance program in place before the dog days of summer:

  • Get your inspection on the schedule and avoid delay!

  • Get preferred service and rates!

  • Dirty filters or coils will cause expensive failures.

  • Avoid water leaks.

  • Maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for your occupants.

  • Avoid costly after-hours emergencies.

  • Save energy by having your system running at peak performance.

  • Avoid breakdowns at the worst time.

  • Have peace of mind knowing a licensed expert inspected your system.

  • Get your inspection on the schedule and avoid delay!

The impact of using CES's proven HVAC/R Preventative Maintenance program is substantial! Don't delay - contact us today to find out how you can get started on a Preventative Maintenance program and take a proactive approach to maintain the existing HVAC systems in your building and beat the heat this summer.


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