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Why You Need Building Automation Systems For Your Facility

The climate in Florida is no secret - hot and humid. With temperatures reaching triple digits during the summer months, it is crucial to have a solution to keep your employees and customers comfortable. Building Automation Systems (BAS) can regulate temperature, air cycles, and overall efficiency. Building automation systems are the means to lowering demand-side energy usage and reducing costs for facility owners and operators alike. A building automation system can result in over 20% more efficient HVAC system usage when operating correctly.

Did you know that Comprehensive Energy Services (CES) is Florida's recognized leader in self-performed BAS platform solutions for office, healthcare, industrial, and commercial building types? We are known for our systems integration capabilities. CES utilizes open system platforms to provide a web-based framework to integrate to LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus, and other legacy-based systems.

Managing Your Property

A core functionality of a BAS is designed to keep a building's climate within specified limits and times based on an occupancy schedule and also helps to monitor performance throughout all HVAC units. It will also notify of any failures or malfunctions within a given unit/system so your maintenance staff can promptly address the problem or call CES to diagnose and solve it. With the simple touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet, you can schedule changes in temperature and airflow from an off-site location, helping to address problems and make changes in real-time, as opposed to the need of physically being on-site at all times.

We are Florida's recognized leader in increasing operations and maintenance efficiency. CES will provide you with the right BAS solutions to improve function and maximize your return on investment. Our capabilities for a successful system integration include:

· Perform complete system evaluation

· Identify "real" operating budget cost savings

· Engineer an entirely new operating system

· Self-perform a complete turnkey solution

· Provide total project management

· Verify post-install savings

· Provide ongoing maintenance and support

Existing Building Automation System? New vs. Legacy BAS?

New buildings can be designed with BAS since older facilities often operate with antiquated and inefficient BAS components. As legacy systems reach their useful life expectancy, owners face challenges identifying their best system replacement option. Our experts consider system architecture, existing HVAC infrastructure, first costs, and ongoing system support after the initial sale when finding the right BAS solution for you and your facility.

Through our partnerships with SIEMENS, DISTECH, NIAGARA, and ANTEC CONTROLS, we are here to find the best solution for our customers based on your budget and unique objectives. Through these vendor relationships, we create value-added partnerships for top-of-the-line building tech and overall integrated BAS and Controls.

When it comes down to it, our goal is simple – make life easier for property managers and owners alike by eliminating the hassles associated with managing multiple buildings at an affordable price point and with a reliable solution. The variety of services and systems offered can be customized to meet any need or budget. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way from design, to installation, to maintenance.

Let us know how CES can help automate your facility today!


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